SINCE the late 1970s, we've been gathering bits and pieces of information about the various branches of our Family Tree.

Back then a day spent at the Registrar’s in Aberdeen provided much information in the beginning and whetted our appetites to find out more. Even now, we still refer back to what we gleaned that day and have added to it on and off over the years.

We have also had some invaluable input from other researchers and contacts at home and abroad. It's always great when, out of the blue, someone else completes another piece of the jigsaw puzzle for you. To those who have contributed to the information on this site, a very big thank-you.

So far, it's been an interesting journey, which has taken us from places as far flung as Thurso in Caithness to Beverly Hills, California; from Arbroath to Boston, Massachusetts and many places in between. One or two characters have emerged along the way too. It's amazing what a little digging into the past can reveal!

As starting point, we have organised the information here in line with the names of our grandparents, namely Edwards, Dundas, Milne, Shirron and those of Reid, Hacket, Rennie and Brock. Mostly centred around Aberdeen (the Granite City), but also extending to Caithness, Orkney, Arbroath and to Barre in Vermont (the other Granite City!), Buffalo, Boston and beyond.

We hope that you will enjoy looking over our genealogy pages and that some of you will even recognise a few of the names here as being part of your own Family Tree. Any new information is always welcome, especially old photos – and if you can help identify any of our unknown photos – all the better.

Many thanks to everyone who has shared their information. These pages wouldn't have been possible without you. Our ancestors are the real stars and these pages are dedicated to their memory.

Left: Unidentified photo of 'three girls from the mill' - believed to be a flax mill in the Arbroath or Benholm area.